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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve pulled some of the most frequently asked questions and compiled them into one place. Should you have any other questions that we may have missed, contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Eye Doctor

Do you offer NHS funded Eye Examinations?

Yes we do offer NHS appointments for those that are eligible. We offer two types of NHS appointments:

  1. The NHS essentials exam is fully funded by he NHS and covers all the core examinations at no cost to the patient.

  2. The NHS enhanced eye examination includes our hospital grade OCT laser scanner and allows the patient a slightly longer appointment with our Optometrist to go through the results. This is subsidised with the NHS entitlement with a small cost of £25 to the patient

To see if you are eligible for an NHS funded eye examination please click here

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What is your new patient procedure?

If you wish to visit us simply give us a call on 01508 532 669 and ask to register, we will take a few details from you and get you booked in for your appointment at a convenient time.

Trying On Glasses

Do you offer any deals or discounts?

We try to keep our pricing fair, we are independent so don't offer the 'chain' deals. We believe in giving you the correct advice to get a pair of spectacles that look great, meet your requirements and providing this at the best price we can rather than offers giving you a  second pair that you won't wear or that live at the back of a drawer only to come out only in emergencies. 

We do have our EYEPLAN practice membership which offers excellent value for money. Eyeplan gives special member pricing (up to 30% off) on spectacles, and even covers them against accidental damage for 2 years.
To learn more about eyeplan please ask us in practice or click here.


Eye Test Glasses

What is your order policy?

During our dispensing service we take the time with you to identify the best lenses to suit your needs and offer the advice to get the best cosmetic finish on your spectacles. The time we spend with patients during this process does have significant cost to us as a business,  therefore due to the individually tailored nature of this process and as, when an order is placed we as a business incur costs from our manufacturers we are unable to refund any cancelled orders.



Can I take my prescription elsewhere?

You are entitled to take your prescription once your eye examination is complete. The College of Optometrist's advice to patient's is:

'You have a right to have your prescription dispensed wherever you choose. However, as prescribing and dispensing of spectacles are closely linked it is best to have your spectacles dispensed where you have your eyes examined. It is often more difficult to resolve any problems you may have with your spectacles when prescribing and supply are separated.'

An eye examination relies on subjective responses provided by the patient so there can be small differences from one exam to the other, sometimes these small changes can lead to new spectacles tolerance issues. We endorse the College of Optometrist's recommendation and encourage patients' to have their eyes examined where they plan to dispense spectacles. If you purchase your spectacles from us and have any issues we will happily work with you to resolve this at no extra charge (this possibility is already factored into our pricing scheme), however if you choose to take your prescription elsewhere, then it is the responsibility of the supplier of your spectacles/contact lenses to rectify this; if this occurs and you return to us to solve then any time and costs will be passed on to the patient.

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