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Emergency Appointments

Contact Lenses

We do offer emergency eye care appointments, if you have any acute symptoms develop please contact us on 01508 532669 and our team will triage you and provide advice. 

Emergency appointments will be offered where possible however we are not covered to provide this under the NHS, there is a charge of £65 payable by the patient.

Emergency care is included at no extra cost to EyePlan Patients.
Contact lenses are a great for those times that spectacles aren't convenient. We fit a range of lenses including Monthlies, 2-Weekly lenses and Dailies.

We ONLY operate our contact lenses on a monthly eyeplan scheme as this way we know your lenses are sourced responsibly and you don't have to worry about paying out for routine check-ups or eye exams (required legally for lenses to be supplied) as it's all included! On top of this you get special member pricing on spectacles and ALL your care is covered.

Eye Exams

We offer both private eye examinations and NHS funded eye examinations. NHS patients have the option of an 'Essential' exam to cover the basic core clinical tests for the eye exam or you can opt for an 'enhanced option'. 
Our 'Enhanced' option is a longer appointment with our Optometrist and includes our hospital grade laser scan, this will be done by our Optometrist and the results discussed with you on the day, this is included as standard for our private patients.
  1. NHS Essentials-Fully funded by the NHS (20min)
  2. NHS Enhanced-Subsidised by NHS, £25 to pay (45mins)
  3. Private Eyexam inc. hospital grade scanner- £65 (45min)
All Eyeplan patients will receive an Enhanced Exam included on their plan/no extra cost.
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Children's Eyecare

OCT scans

Spectacle Dispensing

We are a family friendly practice and will happily provide NHS funded eye examinations for children. We encourage parents to bring their children along to have their eyes examined as soon as they can recognise objects such as stars, houses, apples (these are some of the symbols on the child friendly test chart). If spectacles are required we will help to find some that are the perfect fit, and if you feel it may be beneficial we also stock some very flexible 'indestructible' glasses!
We have a huge variety of spectacles and sunglasses and regularly rotate the stock we hold during the year. Our spectacle frames are to suit all needs from small paediatric frames, to strong robust titanium lightweight frames, to the bright and beautiful acetates for the more adventurous. We enjoy working with our patients to ensure they leave with a pair of specs they love. Frames start at £45 and range up to top end designer frames. Don't forget to look at our Eyeplan memberships to protect your new specs against accidental damage and help get the best value for money!
Our OCT scanner is a hospital grade scanner which scans below the surface of the retina (back of the eye) and can detect very subtle changes, which helps us diagnose eye disease earlier.
Scans are kept on file to allow us to build up a profile of your eye health, and should you ever need referring the relevant scan can be exported and sent to the hospital along with your referral letter.
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