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Why Choose Long Stratton Eyecare?

Everyone has different reasons for visiting an Optometrist- how do you know if we are the right choice for you?

Wonderful professional staff, great choice of well priced frames.

Jane W- Facebook Review

The Time

The average eye exam appointment in the UK is 20 minutes long, it is a short period of time to allow the optometrist to examine you. We don’t feel this allows the time for us to understand what our patient’s want from their examination and spectacles, which would  allow us to tailor our advice and recommendations to the individual. You won’t be rushed out of the door!

We allow 40 minutes in the examination room with our Optometrist to make sure you get the time you need. We then allow a further appointment with our expert dispensing team to explore the ideal spectacle lenses for you, how they work and to find the perfect frame for them. This way they’ll fit comfortably, look great and ensure you’ll love your new spectacles.

The Team

We know that sometimes an eye exam and choosing new glasses can make some patient’s feel stressed and anxious!. To ensure continuity of care we are a small team that pride ourselves on providing high quality customer care and service. We will always try to offer you repeat appointments with the same Optometrist and Dispensing Associate where possible and ensure we take the time with you to establish exactly what you need from your specs!.

Quality Products

Some large multiple opticians advertise glasses from £25 and there are numerous cheap online websites. It is vital that as a client you decide whether you want ‘the cheapest possible’ or whether you want the best value, this is the quality, the care and time with the experts to get the best we can deliver so that your spectacles are comfortable, can be relied on and that will stand the test of time.

We only supply good quality frames and lenses- we won’t compromise on your eyesight! As we supply a good quality frame we will also help to service the spectacles for as long as you have them. If you need any adjustments, change of nosepads or the frame needs a clean and tightening up then this is all included at no extra charge when the spectacles are purchased from us. Aftercare you can count on!

Honest Styling and not 'the same old selection'.

We hold a varied collection of spectacles to help find the perfect addition to your eyewear wardrobe and by holding only a small supply of different collections we ensure that the spectacles you choose are more exclusive to you.

We will help to tailor the choices to your individual needs so you get the best vision possible from the spectacles you choose.

We will spend the time  with you to deliver a personal, friendly, helpful service and to take the ‘stress’ out of buying new eyewear.


Our dispensing consultation allows us to provide you with a service giving expert advice and helping tailor your new eyewear to you. You won’t be left overwhelmed trying on hundreds of frames that aren’t suitable for your prescription, or don’t fit you or suit your tastes.

Our eyewear consultation is a relaxed environment to help us guide you and find the perfect specs for your needs, it’s a big decision buying new spectacles and we strive to help you with all the considerations to make this effortless…and maybe even enjoyable!

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